Kelly Tucciarone, MBA

Kelly Tucciarone, MBA

Writer / Owner

Hi! I’m Kelly and I’m a native to the greater Pittsburgh area. I’ve been crafting and developing dynamic, marketable, accomplishment-based résumés for over 20 years.

One evening after work (while I still had a job), instead of going straight home…

… I did something fairly crazy… even for me.

See, I worked for a big corporation doing the same thing every day for 15 years. Then one afternoon, my whole department got called to a “quick meeting” in the cafeteria —and we were told our jobs were going to Irving, Texas. This happened just two years after another department in the same company told us our jobs were moving to Spokane, Washington.

I drove to the corner store after work that day and made a purchase – 2 purchases actually.

What did I purchase?  2 lottery tickets. Why would I buy something so silly knowing the chances of winning were slim to none?

Easy – because I didn’t know what else to do. It’s true.

Before knowing how to get interviews without sending out hundreds of résumés, I was going through my last month of work, desperate for something better.

But there was a problem.

I knew what I wanted, but had no idea of how to actually achieve it. You know what I mean?

After tons of soul-searching, trial and error, I finally decided to say goodbye to the corporate rat-race. Coworkers asked for help with résumés because I’ve been doing this for years on the side. 

I decided to make writing better résumés and personal brands for hardworking people my primary gig.

With several years’ experience as a résumé writer, recruiter, and a hiring manager, I offer a unique blend of experience on both sides of the hiring process. I have an MBA with a marketing focus. I pride myself on the fact that I don’t use résumé templates. I design everything from the layout to the professional story it tells –from scratch, for every customer.

I’m also a copywriter for the insurance industry.

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